Get Out, Have Fun, Explore

The first thing you should know about me is that I love adventures. This can be as simple as trying a new dinner place but also as complex as planning a trip to see the total solar eclipse. There's nothing better than discovering something new, seeking new scenic routes to hike, and seeing the world with your own eyes.

The second thing you should know is to always remember the first thing I said you should know.

Conquering the mountains!
At approximately 6000 feet (~1800m) in the sky, I strike a pose with the Lotus Peaks in China's HuangShan mountain ranges. I hiked up Lotus Peak shortly after taking this picture.
Conquering the mountains!
I decided to celebrate my graduation at Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) by dabbing at the camera.
My friends were not impressed.

Optimize Learning; Stay Goal Oriented

If you improve yourself by just 1% everyday, how much will you have improved yourself by the end of a year?

The answer? By about 3778%.

Learning is the best way to begin understanding how something works. One day, you learn about how to replace tires. The next, it's doing an oil change. Then it's fixing weird sounds that your muffler makes. By the end of a few weeks you'll be able to inspect and repair most issues you run into with your car.

To help with my learning, I make it a daily routine to update and check my task planner. Remembering things is difficult (especially when you're tired and it's time to sleep), but having a task planner means I can put less energy into memorizing, and more into progress.

Work Hard, Work Smart

I am a firm believer that hard work will always pay off one way or another. Whenever I find myself discouraged or complaining about some situation I think is unfair, I remind myself that my efforts are better used on trying to get myself out of the situation. Often times, I find that the most challenging situations I push through are the ones that are most rewarding in the end.

People used to tell me to work smart, not hard. I would retort back, why not both?

Conquering the mountains!
The Hive Makerspace is the nations largest student run electronics makerspace located at Georgia Tech. As President I was in charge of getting the space up and running, hiring and interviewing students, and leading my team of officers to pave a new road for hands-on education. I also got to give a speech during the grand opening ceremony. Video found here.

Other Fun Facts About Me

I enjoy stargazing during camping trips

Building computers is like big boy legos. It's great.

Born in Sweden

ENTJ. Maybe this says more about me than I thought?

My favorite hobby is eating food

Big fan of anime. I even used to draw it

I love traveling and sightseeing

I'm a helluva engineer from Georgia Tech