EuroAvionics is a leading manufacturer of Situational Awareness and Mission Management Systems. EuroAvionics designs, produces, and markets certified avionics systems that interface with a wide range of third-party avionics and sensors. During the summer of 2017, I worked as a software engineering intern in their Sarasota, Florida branch.

As a software engineering intern, I helped develop a full stack data acquisition and monitoring system to be used on airborne vehicles. The system used multiple communication protocols (LTE, WLAN, SMS) for notifications and control, a Java server to store configuration data, and specialized aircraft hardware to receive map data. Ensuring that the whole system worked in a cohesive manner challenged me to make design choices that fulfilled all necessary requirements while keeping code structured and organized.

The highlight of my internship was when myself and two other interns presented our work to the EuroAvionics CEO. Knowing that our project would be integrated into an aircraft system was one of my most proud and exciting experiences.