The Hive is Georgia Tech’s newest makerspace organization and operates out of the new IDC (Interdisciplinary Design Commons) facility at Georgia Tech. The IDC is the largest student run electronics makerspace in the nation and is completely operated by The Hive Executive Board and Peer Instructors (PIs), student volunteers in the space. The IDC hosts three floors equipped with an impressive array of equipment including PCB fabrication systems, various electronic test equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, industrial machine tools, and more. The primary goal of The Hive is to encourage and facilitate student growth by providing the necessary tools to prototype their ideas.

As president of The Hive, my mission was to build a culture that would facilitate learning for the Georgia Tech community and ensure a successful and sustainable opening. With the help of my Officer Board, peer instructors, faculty adviser, and supporting professors, The Hive has had a successful Grand Opening Ceremony and an enormous amount of positive impact at Georgia Tech. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead a makerspace community this large, and support the thousands of students that now use this space.

During my presidency, The Hive:

  • Opened its doors for the first time to the Georgia Tech Community on September 28th, 2018
  • Interviewed and hired ~130 peer instructors (student volunteers in the space) out of 200+ candidates
  • Hosted 30+ events for students including technical workshops and tech talks
  • Worked with over a dozen external organizations (companies, hackathons, clubs) on event and sponsorship opportunities
  • Has a total user count of ~10,000 for the 2018 - 2019 school year
  • Deployed dozens of standard operating procedures and policy documents to ensure student safety and legal compliance with Georgia Tech
  • Greatly optimized organizational workflow since opening